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Collectibles - Memorabilia

Coca Cola Memorabilia and Pins - Coca Cola advertising has chronicled our times and events for more than a century. Favorite Coca Cola images have appeared on thousands of products over the years. Products with the Coca Cola logo have become favorite antiques and collectibles for nostalgia collectors. This section features rare and collectible original Coca Cola memorabilia from many decades - pre-1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's. These classic memorabilia pieces run the gambit from rare pins to signed artwork to retro trays of the past to collector's diecast. True Coke memorabilia is very collectible and very hard to find. These antique collectibles are all original licensed and manufactured for The Coca-Cola Company. Most have never been available to the public making them rare Coke memorabilia at prices everyone can afford! Don't miss NASCAR memorabilia and Olympic Memorabilia sections for more great Coca Cola collectibles you will love! For rare antiques from around the world visit Treasures.